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Frequent Questions

How do I set up my new device?

We have a simple "plug & play" approach, so you just need to connect the box to the TV using the HDMI cable, plug in your aerial and power up. You can add ethernet, but it's fully WiFi enabled as well.


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What can I do on the Netgem TV mobile app?

Perhaps the more suitable question is, what can't you do? The Netgem TV mobile app has been refined consistently to cater to the needs of our customer's, which makes it practical in more ways than one.


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How do I pair my mobile phone/tablet with my Netgem TV device?

Pairing your TV box with mobile devices is super simple, and just requires a couple of steps...


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How many channels do I get on top of Freeview?

On Netgem TV, we provide you with over 120 channels for free covering a wide range of genres. These channels are accessible via an internet connection, which saved the hassle of plugging in an aerial cable.


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What's included in my box?

You have everything you need to get started:

  • Our award winning NetBox 4K
  • A Remote Control & 2x AAA batteries
  • A Power cable/adaptor
  • A HDMI cable
  • A Quick Start Guide

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Which connections are present on my Netgem TV device?

Innovation is easy and so is prioritising our customers! Find below a detailed description of each port on your Netgem TV device, just so you can keep up!


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How do I pair my Netgem TV device with a Bluetooth device?

Pair your Bluetooth headset to your Netgem TV device and keep the house quiet! Or connect your speakers to enhance your sound experience.


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How do I set Favourite channels?

ou've finally figured out your favourite content amongst the endless amount that is available on Netgem TV. Great... any tips?! Learn how to "favourite" those channels below.


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