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Netgem Wins Advanced TV Innovation Award for Cloud Gaming on TV

The Award of the Advanced TV Innovation of The Year went to Netgem for Immersive Entertainment with Cloud Gaming on TV

In a groundbreaking triumph, Netgem has beaten high quality competition to win the “Advanced TV Innovation of The Year” award for its exciting new development of Immersive Entertainment with Cloud Gaming on TV. The award, presented at the Video Tech Innovation Awards 2023, underscores Netgem’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of television technology and delivering a truly unparalleled viewing experience.

The winning feature, Immersive Entertainment with Cloud Gaming on TV, marks a paradigm shift in the way audiences engage with their TV. By seamlessly integrating cloud gaming into the TV viewing experience, Netgem has transformed ordinary living rooms into immersive gaming arenas. This innovative approach not only elevates the entertainment quotient but also exemplifies Netgem’s commitment to bridging the gap between traditional television and interactive, dynamic gaming.

The award-winning technology is set to redefine the way viewers interact with their TV, providing a multi-dimensional experience that goes beyond conventional TV entertainment. By combining the thrill of gaming with the immersive quality of television, Netgem has successfully carved a niche in the industry as a pioneer in innovation.

VideoTech Innovation Awards

The VideoTech Innovation Awards, held annually in London, stand out as a unique occasion dedicated to acknowledging and commending the progress made in technology and services within the video distribution sector. This event shines a spotlight on the inventive and leading-edge developments that have shaped the industry over the past year, underscoring their transformative influence. Given the swift evolution of technology, it becomes imperative to give recognition and praise to the companies and individuals who have played a role in driving these advancements forward.

Encompassing a broad spectrum of categories, such as streaming platforms, content delivery networks, advertising technology, and artificial intelligence, these awards mirror the diverse landscape of the video distribution business. They seek to honor the manifold elements contributing to its prosperity. From groundbreaking streaming platforms and applications that have redefined our content consumption experience to ingenious video targeting tools providing valuable insights, these awards serve as a platform to showcase the industry’s most outstanding contributions and innovations.